Welcome to our Persian and exotic cat cattery site.

"z Zamku Yale*PL"



  Agata and Peter are pleased to introduce their Persians and exotics cattery located near Warsaw, the capitol city of Poland. Agata has been breeding Persians since the 90's, and since June 1984 Agata has been a Persian's keeper and Persian cats show competitor. Agata has the honour to be the owner of a red Persian female, which was the first Persian born in Poland, in the modern, short nose type. In those times this type was called: peakface.


  Agata and Peter got married in October 2005 and very quickly decided to breed exotic cats. Their goal is: breed healthy cats with a sweet temper, short and massive body and legs, large, open eyes, and well placed, small ears. Most important to us is providing a joyful, safe and calm life for the smallest family members. Their small cattery is cage-less and all cats roam freely through their home area. Our cattery has been registered in FIFe for more than 20 years.


  We hope you have enjoyed our website and will visit us again.